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SEO Vs PPC 2022 – Which Is Better Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization?


If you are thinking to promote your business online through digital marketing services. You might get stuck on which route is better to step in for promoting your business. When taking the decision between organic traffic and paid ads traffic for your website. There are a few important discussions and topics to be covered before making the decision. You will get’em here in our guide that which is the better option in SEO vs PPC ads. 

In this guide, you will get the solution of which is better for your business SEO services (Organic traffic) or PPC (Paid traffic). 

SEO Vs PPC Introduction

Before starting the similarities & differences between pay per click Ads and SEO. Below we have mentioned the basic introduction of Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisement.

What is SEO & How Does SEO Works?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a technique of getting traffic in an organic way without any cost. It improves your website ranking position and traffic on SERPs.

The search engine optimization works include various steps mentioned below.

  • Generally starts with auditing the website.
  • The technical SEO includes an index, crawl budget, internal links, site map, etc.
  • Then keyword research and content strategy.
  • Editing & Writing content.
  • Include quality links from high DA sites.

What Is PPC & How Does PPC Works?

Pay per click is an advertising tool where advertisers have been charged when their ads are clicked by the users. There are different types of PPC ads campaign like images, text, videos, or a combination of all. The pay-per-click work includes the steps mentioned below.

  • First choose the required ads campaign.
  • Select your target audience and location.
  • Create a budget accordingly and bid strategy.
  • Put the landing page and live your PPC ads.

SEO Vs PPC Statistics: Which Has Higher ROI?

Here we have listed the statistics of search engine optimization vs pay per click or you ca say organic SEO vs PPC Paid SEO. Continue reading to understand which has a better return on investment.

  • The organic search result by SEO reaches 92.47% of global web traffic and on the other side, PPC reaches 90% worldwide.
  • More than 64% of marketers invest positively in SEO marketing. 
  • The conversion rate of SEO is 2.4% and PPC ads are 1.3%.
  • SEO has converted at a higher rate than PPC ads except in the higher education & Colleges field.
  • Both SEO and PPC build a positive impact on the business.

The above mentioned are the statistics between PPC vs SEO and who has a higher rate of investment and conversion.

What is The Difference Between PPC and SEO?

In short, SEO is how to lead traffic to your website and be on the top search result page. Whereas PPC is the ads that you pay for being at the top or foot of the search engine result page. Have a look at the SEO vs PPC difference written below.

Comparison Table Of SEO Vs PPC

Search engine optimization is an organic resultPay per click advertisement is a paid traffic
SEO provides long-term resultsPPC provides short-term results
It is very cost-effective PPC ads cost varies and depends upon multiple factors
With SEO you build trust and credibilityIt strictly targets potential customers
SEO improves the visibility of the brandPPC Improves the sales of brand
It takes a long time to affect.It is costly for a long-term strategy
The results aren’t assured.Visibility will disappear if not paying.
It requires constant updates and maintenance.Requires a skilled person to run PPC ads.
SEO doesn’t provide profit at the beginning.Impression and visits don’t increase sales

What Are The Pros And Cons Of SEO Services Marketing?

If you want your business to run in the long term with continued traffic and sales then you should consider an SEO services company

If you have a start-up or a small business then you should create PPC ads for quick sales and quality traffic. 

In addition to that, there lot more to consider between PPC and SEO which is better? So here we have written the positive and negative aspects of pay per click vs search engine optimization.

Pros 1 Of SEO: Increases Brand Awareness

If you want to raise your business’s attention in the long run optimize your brand for search engine optimization. It might take time but eventually with consistent content posting the website will grow in time. Moreover, your site will be visible to the consumers and the traffic will also increase.

Pros 2 Of SEO: Cost Effective

There is mostly SEO agency that is not affordable and even takes too much time to provide the result. Yet SEO services are the cheap and cost-effective way to boost your online presence. If you want to increase traffic and leads get the SEO service agency their team will support your business. 

Pros 3 Of SEO: Builds Trust In Your Business

With the support of an SEO agency, your business could get the top position on the search engine result page. As maximum people trust those websites that appear to be on the top search result. So eventually higher the rank gets you higher traffic and leads.

Cons 1 Of SEO: Wild Competitive 

There is already so much competition over one keyword and brand image you are not the only business owner. If you want to achieve a higher ranking in search results contact the experts in the SEO agency. They got much more knowledge and experience which will help your business to be in the competition and rank high.

Cons 2 Of SEO: Continue Changes In SEO 

As there is a continuous change in the SEO algorithms you need to look out for changes and updates. To do so better hire an SEO company and they will get all the work done in a limited period. Eventually, your website will not lack any updates and changes because of the algorithm.

Cons 3 Of SEO: Takes Time To Reflect On Impact

Yes, SEO takes time to reflect the output of your SEO campaigns. If your website is new or just launched google might take time to crawl and rank it. To rank up the website you have to be calm and create effective content for your page. 

These are the pros and cons of search engine organization in our series of SEO vs PPC which will help you to understand more about every aspect. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of PPC Ads Services?

The major benefit of PPC marketing is getting traffic to your website in a short span. Although there is some drawback which we will be discussing here. Below we have quoted the pros & cons of PPC services companies continue reading to know them.

Pros 1 Of PPC: Quick Visibility of Business

In this difference between PPC and SEO, pay-per-click provides the fastest way of visibility. . You can increase your business appearance in a short duration, all thanks to Google Ads. With a pay-per-click ads campaign, you can personalize your reach to the target audience on SERPs.

Pros 2 Of PPC: It Is Measurable & Trackable

The primary benefit of PPC is you can measure and track the efficiency of your pay-per-click campaign. PPC allows you to determine and examine what’s the return on investment generated through your ads. You can see the details such as clicks, impressions, and the conversion ratio.

Pros 3 Of PPC: Boost Sales

The foremost difference between PPC vs SEO is pay per click boosts sales more quickly than search engine optimization. The pay-per-click is way more targeting and the most rapid way to raise revenue. Get the SEO services company and combine PPC ads to get the best results for your business. 

Cons 1 Of PPC: It Is Expensive

The drawback of PPC ads services is they can be costly in long-term strategy as compared to SEO. Competition is the main reason for the high cost of Google PPC ads. As there are uncountable businesses and individuals who even want the top ranking of their website.

Cons 2 Of PPC: Requires Expert’s Skill

To run pay-per-click advertising effectively and efficiently you need to hire an expert in the marketing SEO company. You can’t run a successful campaign if got no experience in the required field. 

Cons 3 Of PPC: Every Traffic Doesn’t Lead To Sales

To convert every lead into sales your PPC ads services should be worth watching and have convincing power. If you haven’t run any successful ads campaign hire a PPC services company for convincing the lead to purchase your product. The team will build a user-friendly website and personalize advertising campaigns to attract more customers.

Above listed are the pros and cons of pay-per-click advertisement in our series of guides to SEO vs PPC. Go through them to understand every aspect of paid marketing services.

Key Benefits Of Having Both SEO & PPC Services

You might not be able to understand the difference between PPC vs SEO marketing services. As both of them have advantages and disadvantages as well in their respective field. So let us understand the benefits of applying  PPC & SEO services together to examine how they work. Below listed are the benefit of running SEO and PPC together.

  • The keyword and conversion details from PPC can be strengthened for search engine optimization. 
  • The volume of traffic can be increased by the target audience in PPC ads services and SEO for high-performing keywords.
  • The high-volume and high-cost keywords can be moved to SEO from PPC.
  • You can test your target keyword in PPC ads marketing before executing long-term SEO.
  • Maximize the visibility of business by applying both organic and paid ads services.

These are the key points to consider pay-per-click and search engine optimization together for higher growth. This might not be the right decision for every industry but to develop the firm and increase brand awareness you must look at them together.

Conclusion Of SEO Vs PPC

Summary- SEO is free of cost and provides long-run benefits, but PPC is a paid ad and offers quick results.

SEO does take time but is worth it for long-run online presence and building trust for business and PPC is beneficial for getting traffic quickly with paid ads in the short run. Although combine SEO and PPC together to get benefits from both of them. 

Is SEO Better Than PPC?

SEO is suitable for a long-run ranking and presence without any cost and PPC is apt for the short run with high revenue.

What Is The One Key Difference Between SEO And PPC?

The one key difference between SEO and PPC is the paid search ads appear at the top of the page above the organic result influenced by SEO.

Is SEO The Same As PPC?

No, SEO and PPC are not the same search engine organization that provides organic search results and it doesn’t cost you anything. On the other hand, PPC is a paid online advertisement where you bid with competitors to be on the next search ads.

How SEO And PPC Are Different?

The difference between PPC and SEO is that pay-per-click ads get leads from paid search and display advertisements. Search engine optimization focuses on getting traffic from organic search results.

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